Create Your Future You
John Needham 
suffered a traumatic early childhood, and spent his life hiding away in maths and accountancy before being shaken into reality by the near death of a sibling.

He now spends his time working with people to:

- Envision a new radiant future

- Deal with any fears or anxiety that holds them back

- Create new habits that move them towards their vision for a new life

His role is to hold a safe space for people whilst they change, and to teach skills and techniques that they may not know about to help as they do this.

Jane and John work together running small groups for people who want to manifest their dream life in the company of other supportive people. 

John works one-to-one with people in those groups to help them overcome stress and painful memories that may be preventing them from achieving their dreams.

Jane Mitchell
trained as a Speech and Language Therapist and worked in practise before starting her own business in 1988, including lecturing on memory theory at University College London.

The last few years have taken her down the long road to recovery from auto-immune disease.

She pioneered the concept of sick people taking therapeutic photographs through the window from bed, for the simple pleasure of marking the day and feeling gratitude for what she could see.
Jane now spends her time focussing on teaching her '7 Pillars of Peace and Freedom program'.